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HiFi Systems

Made up of multiple components, the advantages of a HiFi system (High Fidelity) are its ability to build it exactly as you want it. High end valve amplifiers, the latest and most exquisite turntables, media playback across multiple rooms, listening to your favourite track and disappearing into your own world when listening through headphones.

If you love finding new artists or tracks through Spotify and Shazam (seriously, download Shazam on your smartphone, you’ll never miss a track you hear on the radio). So, where do you start? We recommend looking at the sources of music you like listening to. If you regularly stream from Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, Deezer to name a few, we’d recommend adding SONOS or a network player to your system.

If vinyl is your passion, or as we’ve found in the last few years, becoming listened to a lot more, then a turntable will be a suitable component. CDs are still a media being sold in shops and purchased by consumers, and if you have a collection, then a CD player would be an essential item.

roksan hifi amplifier

HiFi Amplifiers

The Amplifier

It's the beating heart that sits at the centre of your HiFi world. Giving life to your vinyl, making your speakers sing, filling your room with amazing tracks from your favourite artists.

Picking the right amplifier for your system needn't be complicated. Were here to help you pick the system that suits your listening pleasure, matches the capability of your speakers, and fills your world with amazing music.

Sounds With Vision stock some of the best HiFi amplifiers in the UK with a large selection to suit every budget, space and aesthetics.

Simply contact us, and we can help you make the right decision, or press on the button below to shop our range of turntables.

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Best Turntables UK 2021


Listening to a vinyl record you hear uncompressed music just like the artist envisioned it. There is no tone loss due to compression of the music files, which happens when you hear streamed audio.

It’s a warm sound, similar to a live performance. Vinyl records are sometimes produced with greater dynamic mastering processes compared to digital audio files.

Sounds With Vision stock some of the best turntables in the UK with a large selection of record players to suit every budget, space and aesthetics.

Simply contact us, and we can help you make the right decision, or press on the button below to shop our turntable range.

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KEF Floor Standing Speakers


With so many options available for HiFi Speakers, were here to help you make the right choice based on types of speakers, matching them to your amplifier and your components.

Types of Speakers Available
  • Floorstanding speakers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Wall mounted
  • In-wall and In-ceiling
  • Hidden
  • Passive or active

Match your speaker choice to your amplifier with an understanding of impedance, power, and sensitivity.

At Sounds With Vision, we’ll help you make a choice on the best HiFi speakers that suit your environment, budget and listening pleasure. If you need help picking the best speakers for you, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the choices available, or go to our shop and look at our selection.

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HiFi Cables & Accessories

Connecting everything together needn’t be complicated. We can advise you on every cable that you need, and how to connect these together. These are called the interconnects.

Speaker cables are essential items for your HiFi unit, and we can have these tailor made to your exact length, or provide you with them off the shelf.

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