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Business and Education Solutions

Sounds With Vision work with businesses on developing solutions for multiple needs. From installing office or premise wide wireless data networking, board and meeting room audio video, televisions and music systems for gyms, pubs, leisure facilities, sports venues and education.

Audio Visual Solutions for Today's Businesses

At Sounds With Vision, our business solutions team provide audio video solutions for offices, board rooms, atriums and reception areas, lecture theatres, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, public venues, shops and restaurants.

Using the right technology to share information and collaborate between staff, clients and the public has become more essential in today's business environment. Correctly deploying these audio visual technologies helps to remove the barriers in communication, strengthen our personal and business networks and bring us closer to each other and our stakeholders.

The challenge businesses have is understanding how to implement these audio visual business technologies into your workplace, and deliver the business benefits you require. These are challenges that Sounds With Vision can help you to make, and ensure the benefits are achieved. We'll guide you through the myriad of solutions available to you, your environment and your application.

We understand the technology, and we'll focus on delivering the business benefits your organisation wishes to achieve. We'll work with you on the solution, implent it and support you in the transition.

Hotel Lobby and Reception Area
Reception Areas
Business Solutions

Business Reception Areas

The reception for your organisation is the first opportunity for your business to create an impression. It’s the first part of your business' story. Much like in normal life, the first impression is the most important. The same applies to your business, and the use of audio video solutions can enhance that impression. An experience for your visitors, installing projection equipment, LED video walls or HD screens with video feeds build a projected image of your business. With important information being shared, current business news or wins, your clients are able to get an insight into your business even before meeting with you.

Use of high-tech systems show your business to be a market leader, involved with technology and embracing the future. Your space doesn’t need to be large area either. Creating a showcase in a smaller reception creates a huge amount of impact and first impression. Visitor management systems bring efficient automation of signing people in and out of the building, freeing staff to concentrate on other tasks. Manage hot desk booking and meeting notifications with an automated system. Future proofing technology using your existing IP infrastructure, Sounds With Vision can utilise AV over IP directly onto your IT network, creating an easy to manage system, and minimising the resources required for management and control.

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Board Room Conference and Interactive Screen Solution for Businesses
Board Rooms
Business Solutions

AV Systems for Boardrooms

The AV system for your boardroom should complement your business and the image of your business. After all, it's the environment that your stakeholders and clients will see. Integrating wireless networks, discreet audio, custom technology and furniture to match your business and brand impresses your customers.

Our robust reliable audio video solutions for the board room are from tried and tested manufacturers. For the extra peace of mind, our support services for business-critical areas include a range of services to keep you up and running.

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Augustus Restaurant Taunton Somerset Audio Solution
Hospitality Business Solutions
Hospitality Business Solutions

AV for Bars, Pubs, Restaurants

The use of audio visual entertainment solutions in the background of a bar or club is as important to the customer as the décor, lighting and customer service, and yet overlooked as a 'nice-to-have' rather than a necessary experience for the customer.

Whether your premises is a small country pub, a full sports bar, or a discreet wine bar, the ability to control the music surrounding your customers' experience is achieved through zoning, and placement of speakers.

Background music in public spaces can create the perfect atmosphere for your venue. It should be professionally implemented; too loud and it’ll overpower the customer, too low and it's equally bad.

Our designers ensure the correct solution and type/brand of speakers are specified for your venue and are paired with the correct amplifiers.

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audio video solutions for retailers
Retail AV Solutions
Audio and Video for Retail

Retail Audio Visual Systems

Bespoke audio visual systems for retail environments help you stand out from the crowd and deliver a seamless customer experience. Background music systems and digital signage solutions are designed to complement your brand and enhance your customers' shopping experience.

We also design and install large scale video walls to really make an impact to shop frontage day or night.

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touch screen solutions for education
Audio Video for Education
Audio Video for Education

Inspiring AV Solutions

Creating an inspirational and educational facility for students is key to learning outcomes. Our audio video solutions are developed to provide schools, further education college or a university, innovative teaching spaces to support and exploit the technical expectations of today's students.

We've transformed teaching spaces, lecture theatres, communal areas and meeting rooms into inclusive multi-purpose spaces that enrich the student experience and support active engagement.

Our installations have included interactive teaching walls, collaborative learning spaces, full campus wireless connectivity, video conferencing and lecture facility AV as well as digital signage and video walls in communal areas for information sharing and entertainment.

We work with education establishments to create flexible, environmentally sound systems that are easy to use and manage. Supporting learning through technology.

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Board Room Interactive Touch Screen Optoma System
Optoma Interactive Screen
Optoma Interactive Screen

Board Room Touchscreen AV Solution

“It was imperative the technology solution in both meeting rooms delivered the ‘wow factor’ upon clients and business associates walking into the space – whilst remaining in keeping with our current minimalist and professional office aesthetics. A combination of the 4K resolution and the wireless QuickCast delivers this effortlessly! Functionality was also very important, being able to show the same content on both screens through the TapCast app allows us to transform the space into a multi-location training and presentation facility, as well as being able to showcase our branding on both screens at once. The ability to manipulate presentations, investment opportunities or mortgage styles to the audience, whilst either training or presenting will also be an invaluable tool.”

Cooper Associates Taunton, Somerset