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Home Cinemas From Dream to Reality

From your initial dream is where our involvement begins. We work with our clients on realising this dream and turning it into a reality. 

We work with architects and builders on new builds, electricians and builders on existing rooms, maybe changing a room from a lounge into a home cinema. We discuss each part of your idea to fully understand your home cinema requirements, taking into consideration each part of the build.

From our initial consultation, we create designs from an initial pencil drawing through to the complete solution. We’ll identify the aesthetics, any smart home lighting and control, home cinema seating, speaker locations, cabling requirements and room décor.

Our technical knowledge and professional consultation team will ensure your ideas are taken onto the next stage. Installation work is carried out by our own staff, and we're used to working with any other trades on site to ensure all physical and technical infrastructure requirements are in place for your bespoke home cinema.

Multi Functional Home Cinema and Lounge

Dedicated or Multi Functional Home Cinema Room?

If it's a new build, deciding on a dedicated home cinema room during this stage is relatively easy. Cable runs and speakers are integrated into the build process with your builders, architects and interior designers. If, however, you are converting an existing room or adding to your TV or media room setup, this will determine what type of home cinema solution you will need.

If starting with a new build site, early integration of the idea into the architect's or designer's plans are key to getting the most out of your investment. This also helps with understanding equipment locations, soundproofing and the size of the space available.

Rectangular rooms are perfect for dedicated home cinemas, with a projector at one end, and the screen at the other. In reality though, we all have different shaped rooms, and tailoring a bespoke home cinema to your dream, as well as your aesthetics, is what we love doing.

Your home cinema system doesn’t have to be a dedicated room solely for watching movies. We’ve worked with many clients who want that movie experience in their lounge, but don’t want a dedicated room. We can integrate a Dolby Atmos Sound experience into your existing TV setup, upgrade televisions to larger, greater technical capability (4K, 8K), place electrically controlled screens, with projectors that disappear into the ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

Dedicated Home Cinema Seats

Home Cinema Seating

The seating options for a dedicated or multi function home cinema system include u-shaped sofas, l-shaped sofas or dedicated cinema seats.

As every room is different, Sounds With Vision only deal with the best home cinema seating and have a range of suppliers and options for your home cinema system.

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Source Equipment

What equipment do I need to create a home cinema?

House plans should also provide provision for a dedicated space for the source equipment. This is the equipment you’ll play or source your media from, which may include a blu-ray player, Sky+HD box, film server (such as those by Kaleidescape), gaming console or DVD player, etc.
Building in speakers and drop-down screens and projectors can all be done with considerable ease if planned from the outset.

We’d love to hear about your home cinema dream and turn it into a reality.

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